Cataract Surgery - Check list

How to Counsel a Cataract Patient
  1. Verify the name and native place etc of the patient.
  2. It is to be noted whether the patient has already undergone a surgery.
  3. Should enquire about the job which the patient was doing in the past or the present job.
  4. If thepatient is a local resident or living with in 50kms from our hospital, inform about daycare facility.
  5. The eye to be operated upon and the visual acuity in both eyes of the patient are also to be noted.
  6. Patient should be explained as to what is cataract.
  7. The type of surgery as advised by the doctor should be explained to the patient.
  8. Should enquire whether the patient is entitled to any concession from the government.
  9. Should inform the patient about the dates of admission, surgery and discharge and also the duration of his stay in the hospital.
  10. The date for followup visit after surgery should also be informed to the patient.
  11. The patient is also to be infonned about the amount of expenses for surgery and the need to wear spectacles for reading purpose. It should be explained that some persons having improper cornea curvature have to wear glasses for seeing distant objects.
  12. It should also be ascertained whether the patient has any other systemic problem (DM, HT, Cardiac, Asthma Allergy) and then get the signature of the patient in the consent form.
  13. Should also verify whether the patient has undergone all the necessary tests.
  14. After completing all the tests, the patient should be taken to the admission counter. If the patient is on daycare, he / she should be informed the details about daycare.