The importance of proper recruitment of PC staff can not be overemphasized. It can mean the difference between a successful, thriving program and a mediocre, stagnant one. The following general guidelines of personal characteristics and interests, experience and qualifications, along with job description. Roles and responsibilities are intended to provide a set of criteria for which the selection from the PC applicant pool can be guided. A series of questions is included to provide an attempt to measure objectively a candidates chances for success in the PC role.

Patient Counsellors provide a wide range of services to patients, including educational and emotional support, as well as providing other basic needs and patient assistance. The primary role is to improve patient satisfaction by attending to the personal needs of patients. PCs question and listen to free and paying patients to help the patients decide their preference for treatment. They explore barriers to care on an individual level as well as in the community. PCs provide valuable medical information to patients to ensure proper treatment compliance both in the hospital and at home. They fulfill the role of valuing the patients as persons by providing one to one supportive contacts utilizing empathic communication methods.

  • Establish personal contact with patients using excellent communication skills.
  • Allow patients to explore and express feelings
  • Provide instructions and directives to patients in various stages of treatment.
  • Help patients to understand their specific eye problem, treatment options and other information related to the patients decision.
  • Motivate appropriate patients to contact and encourage treatment resistant patients to seek help.
  • Ensure patient compliance to hospital rules in a kind and gentle, yet firm and persistent manner.
  • Advocate for patients to other hospital staff to ensure that their basic needs are being met.
  • Educate appropriate patients about proper nutrition and hygeine.
  • Provide support at eye camps to address reluctant patients, addressing their fears or doubt without coersion.
  • Continually strive to improve oneself personally and professionally in developing self-awareness, knowledge and skills, as well as providing suggestions or input in improving the services of the hospital.
  • Participate in on-going trainings and job evaluations
  1. Minimum 10th Standard education
  2. Out-going and friendly interpersonal style
  3. Excellent listening and communication skills
  4. A sincere disire to help people, intuitive sensiitivity to others needs
  5. Self-motivating, self-starter, able to work with little supervision
  6. A cheerful, positive or optimistic disposition
  7. Ability to learn and intergrate theory and methods of counselling
A single page advertisement of the position in English and the native language is posted in various highly visible locations. It should include the job description and qualifications and preferred characteristics. Likely candidates may submitt a letter with CV and references to the personnel department with a copy forwarded to the PC department. A full recritment process is detailed in the Recruitment Process proposal recently developed at Laico. (attach copy)